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  • In the spotlight: Ridley Scott uses GECA certified products

    9 Sep 2013 9:22 am

    The newest film from acclaimed director and producer Ridley Scott hit the big screens last year with a cameo appearance from the GECA certified Brainwash tables.

    Prometheus is set in the year 2089 and takes viewers on a journey not to the end of existence, but the beginning. It has been dubbed sci-fi birth as opposed to the often-seen sci-fi apocalypse. The tables appear in one of the early scenes of the film in the crew dining hall on board the Prometheus Spaceship.

    With a film that dives headfirst into the sci-fi genre and explodes on screen with other-worldly visuals, it’s no surprise that Luxxbox’s designs should be chosen for the set. Luxxbox designs are notoriously creative and original and present the same other-worldliness to the furniture market that Scott’s work presents to the film industry.

    “Being asked to be involved in a film of this calibre was a dream come true. I grew up on a healthy diet of Star Wars and fell in love with the early Ridley Scott films such as Blade Runner and Alien,” says Jason Bird, founder and designer of Luxxbox.

    “[Scott’s] films ooze a new kind of sci-fi design style setting his vision apart from the rest; this in part influences my style now. So for the set designers to see my work in that league and for such a high profile, big budget project, it is all I could ever want.”

    The Brainwash series is GECA certified under the Furniture and Fittings standard; a standard that ensures robust environmental criteria are met. This includes the manufacture of the product and its constituent materials, the period of actual use and disposal and packaging materials used for its transport; with the end goal of improving the sustainability of consumption.

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