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  • In the spotlight: Office Spectrum rejuvenates Fairfax office

    12 Dec 2013 9:55 am

    In one of the most influential buildings in Sydney, GECA licensee Office Spectrum shows that it’s time to shed the notion that recycled content looks shabby. The organisation which specialises in taking old workstations and reworking them to make them suitable for use again has done exactly that to old Fairfax Media workstations, giving the media giant’s offices a much needed revamp.

    In line with a current movement towards more activity-based workspaces, Fairfax removed fixed desk areas and now functions using a hot-desking system. Many green buildings are also heading towards this collaborative work system as it has been shown to improve productivity. Research also shows that at any given time the number of staff present is routinely far below the capacity of the office with the number of individuals per desk works out to actually be about seven to one.

    Reducing the number of desks and encouraging a more interactive space for workers is therefore logical. The office downsized by two floors and the space that was kept was re-considered. The desks were refurbished, which in some cases also involved re-configuration meaning that Office Spectrum added recycled parts to some workstations ensuring more flexibility in the layout.

    “People have this pre-conceived notion that re-furbished furniture is daggy and unfashionable,” says Joyce Seeho, Director at Office Spectrum. “This is definitely not the case and when we furnish offices like this it proves that items that are re-used can look like new.”

    “We want to make sure that re-furbished furniture is considered as much of an option as buying completely new furniture. Designers and clients should consider this option first because it results in huge savings in waste, carbon footprint and cost while at the same time still giving them freedom to express their design intent.”

    Office Spectrum is the only GECA licensee who is currently certified under a process. Many of the products they use are already GECA certified before they are then refurbished, but Office Spectrum’s work means that the products have a much longer lifespan reducing strain on the environment.

    Office Spectrum’s expertise can be seen in other areas of the offices, too. The levels that have been rejuvenated feel fresh and colourful. Green walls, glass partitions and social working environments encourage productivity and interaction and the office feels anything but daggy.

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