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  • In the spotlight: Enviro range recycled resin stronger than virgin resin

    7 Nov 2013 1:16 am

    The Enviro range by Okka Products forms part of a specialist range of material handling plastic products from leading injection moulding and plastics manufacturer and GECA licensee A Plus Plastics. The Enviro range is an exciting product that is changing the way crates are manufactured, recycled and used.

    This range of material handling plastic products is 100 per cent recycled and 100 per cent recyclable. The closed-loop manufacturing process allows Okka Products to break down recyclable products onsite, before sending them off to be processed locally and returned as a resin to make the recycled items.

    Okka Products says that recycled resin used in the Enviro range is 95 per cent stronger than virgin resin, which ensures the products are durable and reliable while also being cheaper.

    Okka Products says that over the past two to three years mining companies in Australia have embraced the Enviro range to help showcase ways they endeavour to consider environmentally preferable products. Okka Products also says that many of their clients have switched from virgin material products to the Enviro Range recognising that it is a good environmental choice.

    Other industries have been seen to embrace the environmentally preferable aspects of the Enviro Range, too. The crates are used in a range of industries such as agriculture, engineering and retail for materials handling, transport, packaging, relocation and storage among other uses.

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