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  • In the spotlight: Anibou supplies environmentally preferable furniture to junior school

    28 Oct 2013 3:19 am

    GECA licensee Anibou was recently specified to supply tables and stools to Cranbrook Junior School in Rose Bay, Sydney. A selection of pieces including the GECA certified Artek 80B tables and 96 tables were chosen to create an environmentally preferable and functional, yet stylish school space.

    Longevity of life is an important factor when ensuring furniture has a reduced impact on the environment.

    Neil Burley, Owner of Anibou explains that the pieces chosen for this project “are very durable wooden products that have been made in the same factory for over 75 years. They have a very long life, hold their value and seldom come onto the second-hand market”.

    “GECA certification vastly enhances our ability to satisfy green specifiers and certification is seen by specifiers as a reliable standard.

    “[The products] were selected for their simplicity, durability and timelessness. Of course, the architects liked their appearance, too. It was possible to specify varying seat and desk heights to cater for students’ growth as they progress through the grades.”

    “As a school setting, I’m sure that Cranbrook takes a long view and expects that these products will have a long and trouble free life, says Burley.”

    The environmental benefits of using GECA certified furniture are generally well-understood; however less well-known are the health benefits. Toxic chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds can be found in furniture items that have not been sufficiently assessed and these chemicals and compounds can have serious implications.

    We all want our future generations to be learning in a healthy and safe setting, which is why GECA certification is an important tool that works towards removing these dangerous substances.

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