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  • Have Your Say on GECA’s New Sustainable Products and Services Standard!

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    20 Feb 2020 11:04 am

    A new draft GECA standard for sustainable products and services is now available for public comment!

    The Sustainable Products and Services (Life Cycle Assessment based) – SPSv2.0-2020 standard is a fusion of an ecolabel and a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

    An LCA is a tool used to evaluate the environmental or social impacts of a product or service, from the extraction of its raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, when it’s being used and the end of its’ life. By including an LCA into our standard, we can provide detailed information on the environmental performance of products and services. This can include information on greenhouse gas emissions, acidification, eutrophication potential, human toxicity potential and more.

    The purpose of this standard is to recognise and support truly sustainable products and services where there is clear evidence of strong environmental load reductions compared to competing products performing the same function in the Australian market.

    We welcome comments on the standard from the public and industry professionals until 2 April 2020. A draft copy of the standard is available here. Please submit comments and feedback to or +61 (2) 9699 2850.

    Please note, this standard supersedes the Environmentally Innovative Products (GECA 08-2007) standard.

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