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  • Have Your Say on GECA’s Infant Mattresses Standard

    Baby in a crib
    5 Aug 2022 5:20 pm

    A new draft GECA standard for infant mattresses is now available for public comment!

    We all want the best options for our children when looking for infant mattresses. Therefore, it’s vital to consider if the product addresses relevant safety, quality, human health, and environmental and social impacts during its lifecycle.

    GECA has created a lifecycle ecolabel standard to remove doubt and confusion and make identifying environmentally and socially preferable products easier.

    Our new draft standard aims to benefit people and planet by:

    • Demonstrating performance and safety for the Australian market.

    • Avoiding the illegal harvest of natural materials and fibre for raw materials.

    • Reducing the use and subsequent release of environmentally harmful substances to the environment at all stages of the product’s life cycle.

    • Reducing the presence and release of substances harmful to human health.

    • Ensuring workers and suppliers through the supply chain can expect fair pay, equal opportunity, and a safe working environment.

    • Encouraging recovery, reuse, recycling and responsible disposal of unwanted product and packaging.

    This standard applies to infant mattresses products, such as:

    • Cot and crib mattresses
    • Household cot mattresses
    • Mattresses for bassinets
    • Other flat sleeping surfaces

    GECA now welcomes comments on the draft Infant Mattresses standard from the public and industry professionals until 3 October 2022.

    A copy of the draft standard is available here. Please submit comments and feedback to or +61 (2) 9699 2850.

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