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  • Have Your Say on GECA’s Floor Coverings Standard

    Woman walking on a wooden floor
    16 Dec 2020 12:29 pm

    A new draft version of GECA’s standard for floor coverings is now available for public comment! This standard identifies the key environmental loads of floor coverings, including material content, adhesives, emissions during production and post-installation, energy use and waste, as well as product performance.

    The Floor Coverings (FCv3.0-2020) standard applies to a range of floor coverings and carpet underlays that are laid on top of a foundation of concrete or wooden beams and are not part of the building structure. This includes:

    🔘 Parquet

    🔘 Wooden planks

    🔘 Engineered wood products, e.g. laminate

    🔘 Linoleum

    🔘 Bamboo

    🔘 Cork

    🔘 Rubber

    🔘 PET (terephthalate) plastics

    🔘 Bio-based plastics

    GECA welcomes comments on the standard from the public and industry professionals until 12 February 2021. A draft copy of the standard is available here. Please submit comments and feedback to or +61 (2) 9699 2850.

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