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  • GECA to revise Furniture standards

    13 Aug 2015 3:38 am

    GECA is starting the process of revising its Furniture & Fittings Level B standard (FFv2.0i-2006 mod 2010) as it has reached its validity date, and must be revised according to the GECA Scheme Rules. This standard is currently closed to new applicants and will remain closed throughout the process.

    The Furniture Fittings & Foam Level A standard (FFFv2.1i-2010) is very similar to the level B standard, with only a few additions and variances in criteria. This standard still has over two years left until a revision is required. Since there is considerable overlap of criteria between the level A and B standards, revising them simultaneously is a logical step.

    This means revising the Level A standard before its validity date, however GECA assures that all existing licensees under the Level A standard will not need to recertify with the revised standard until their surveillance audit is due (every 36 months). Only new applicants seeking certification under the Level A standard will need to comply with the revised standard once released.

    Formal invitations to participate in the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will be sent out soon to all licensees via email. GECA welcomes any other expressions of interest in the meantime.

    Please feel free to contact GECA if there are any questions or for further clarification

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