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  • GECA Releases a New Standard for Sanitary Products

    Jar of cotton buds with a lavender background
    7 Oct 2019 12:36 pm

    We’re excited to share our new fast-tracked Sanitary Products (SPv1.0-2019) standard! With this standard, GECA seeks to set the benchmark in Australia for environmentally preferable sanitary products.

    This is a modified adoption of fellow Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) member Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s standard. With permission, we have updated the source document to be relevant to the Australian market.

    Products included in the scope of this standard are: breast pads, children’s diapers, incontinence care products, (panty-liners, formed diapers and diapers with tape strips), sanitary towels (pads and panty-liners), tampons, cotton buds, cotton pads, cotton wool, sauna underlays, bibs, plasters, compresses, mattress covers/protectors, draw sheets, bed linen, washcloths (except paper cloths), surgical gowns, patient gowns/patient covers, surgical masks and caps.

    A list of changes to the original standard, along with the justification, can be seen upon request to GECA. After an 18-month transition period, our Sanitary Products standard will be reviewed and undergo a consultation with relevant stakeholders. We encourage anyone interested in certifying under this standard to get in touch!

    Click here to download the standard. 

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