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  • GECA licensee spotlight: Woven Image

    21 Jan 2013 8:59 am

    Woven Image has been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative fabrics in Australia and overseas for over 20 years. As an Australian company serving designers, specifiers and customers worldwide, we are committed to minimising our environmental impacts and producing high quality fabrics and textile designs.

    Within this context, Woven Image understands the value and importance of being a responsible company, which consistently delivers environmentally improved products and services.

    Whether it’s about natural fibres or synthetic fibres, Woven Image is constantly looking to adopt environmentally improved processes and products.

    Woven Image takes a life cycle approach to our products and services, mindful of the need to minimise environmental impacts at all stages of the product life cycle.

    This means taking greater responsibility for Woven Image fabrics both upstream and downstream of our core business activities. In some circles this is referred to as a ‘Product Stewardship’ approach or Extended Producer Responsibility.

    At a strategic level, Woven Image seeks to operate in a responsible and innovative way that exemplifies resource efficiency by using materials smartly and sensitively. Ultimately it is about being a long-term company … a sustainable enterprise in every respect … environmentally, economically and socially.

    This high level goal demands the ongoing and committed investment, energy and enthusiasm for Woven Image, its staff and suppliers. We see the journey towards sustainability as a collaborative team effort with shared responsibility and engagement.

    Guiding Environmental Principles<>
    Woven Image has pro-actively sought to improve its own performance wherever possible and practical. In particular, we have established a set of guiding environmental principles that provides a framework for the ‘greening’ of our processes, products and services.

    Our guiding environmental principles are life cycle oriented, dynamic and seek to embody the most current thinking and actions on achieving sustainable products and services within the context of what Woven Image (and its suppliers) can realistically control.

    Our guiding principles include:

    • Responsible resource use including attention to biodiversity protection and other source related raw materials factors.
    • Adopting a Product Stewardship approach and applying the waste minimisation hierarchy (avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle) as a tool to maximise resource use efficiency, use of post consumer recycled content and options for fundamental dematerialisation through waste avoidance and the shift to product-service solutions.
    • Elimination or significant reduction in the use of hazardous substances and toxic materials.
    • Elimination or significant reduction of emissions to air and water where
    • Minimising overall energy consumption while maximising energy efficiency and the potential for renewable and related ‘green power’ options.
    • Minimising overall water consumption while maximising water efficiency, conservation and the potential for water reuse and recycling.
    • Sourcing materials, products and services from suppliers with independently certified environmental management systems or similar.
    • Providing designers, specifiers and customers with informative and educational information about the environmental performance of Woven Image products and services.
    • Ongoing research and development to ensure Woven Image products and services represent leading edge environmental thinking, concepts, tools and performance. This includes relevant data collection, monitoring and reporting to facilitate overall environmental improvements.

    The sustainable application of products and materials is a key priority for Woven Image.

    We not only strive to create low impacts products, we are also developing systems and services to ensure our products don’t contribute to future environmental problems when they are discarded or become obsolete.

    Woven Image is unequivocal in its commitment to the life cycle management of its products. This means developing and delivering practical take-back and recycling solutions for Woven Image fabrics when they reach end-of-life. Woven Image firmly believes that manufacturers and suppliers must take greater responsibility for their products beyond the point of sale and warranty.

    We will strive to retain responsibility for Woven Image fabrics wherever practical and within our scope of business activity. In very practical terms this means that Woven Image will assist in the effective recovery and recycling of uncontaminated Woven Image fabrics from disassembled workstations and partitions.

    Most importantly we collaborate with Australian and overseas furniture manufacturers to streamline end-of-life recovery and recycling by sharing knowledge and R&D information that make reuse and recycling commercially viable and environmentally advantageous.

    This Environmental Sustainability Statement provides a strategic policy framework and public statement for our projects, suppliers, partners and clients.

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