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  • GECA licensee spotlight: Just Mats

    15 Apr 2013 10:17 am

    We would like to thank Just Mats for the GECA certified RolaDek mat it has installed in our Surry Hills office.

    Just Mats tells us that every person working in a commercial building, can bring in up to 2.5 kilograms of dirt, just on their feet, every year. This translates to tons of damaging abrasive material, potentially destroying surface finishes such as timber, marble & granite floors, reducing the life of quality entrances.

    The RolaDek entrance matting system is a highly engineered design. You can control this type of damage dramatically, by strategically placing RolaDek at major entrances, it acts a sacrificial surface that can easily be refurbished or replaced. RolaDek mats feature a sleek architectural appearance, perfect for use in high traffic zones.

    RolaDek mats are custom fabricated to meet your specific requirements, are easy to clean, roll back 180 degrees and come with male and female edging for on-site trimming.

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