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  • GECA Licensee spotlight: Forbo Flooring Systems

    3 Jun 2013 10:07 am

    Creating better environments begins with caring for the environment. For more than 100 years, inspired by the world around us, Forbo Flooring Systems has been producing floor coverings. State of the art production processes minimise the impact on our environment. The result is a versatile floor covering collection that truly adds to the quality of people’s lives. Forbo flooring is used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, public buildings, retail, transport and high tech spaces.

    Social and environmental responsibility has been a core value at Forbo for many decades. Environmentally compatible products and state-of-the-art processes ensure that each production stage minimises its environmental impact.

    Forbo Marmoleum stands for versatility, suatainability and durability. It combines ecological and economic values that help bring modern and contemporary artchitecture to life. Marmoleum is a natural floor created from all natural ingeredients such as linseed oil, rosins, wood flour, cork flour, limestone and organic pigments on a jute backing. It is the most sustainable floor in the resilient flooring category.

    Forbo Furniture Linoleum is the finishing touch for everyone who wants to create breathtaking beautifully designed and functional furniture that will stand out from the crowd while also standing the test of time. A high-quality material with a proven pedigree, Furniture Linoleum is renowned for its elegance and durability and is suitable for countless stunning decorative surfacing applications.

    Bulletin Board Linoleum surfacing material has a multitude of applications. Its properties make it ideally suited for use as a notice board, it also provides a functional finish to walls, furniture, door panels and cupboards. The application of Bulletin Board in rooms shared by many people facilitates simple, efficient communication.
    Bulletin Board’s exciting range of rich colours and intensities provide the product with a whole new look. The colours in the collection are eminently suitable for combining with other materials such as wood, stone or aluminium, creating a functional and decorative finished product.

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