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  • GECA Joins WWF in Calling for a Renewable Recovery

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    20 Oct 2020 10:34 am

    As a world-leading ecolabel focused on sustainable production and consumption, we know how crucial it is to tackle embodied and operational carbon in manufacturing, based on a life cycle approach. That’s why we are pleased to announce our support of WWF-Australia in calling for more action under a renewable recovery as we start to rebuild from COVID-19.

    Together, with other business and industry leaders, we believe these five targeted stimulus measures will help Australia move toward a low carbon future:

    1. Battery nation: Let’s unlock Australia’s potential to become a leader in global battery manufacturer. A $500 million government investment would position Australia as a global leader in the advanced manufacturing revolution. We could become the ‘battery nation’ while creating 4,500 manufacturing jobs and an additional 2,300 jobs in construction and installation.

    2. Local solar: Let’s deliver at least one new solar project in every community across the country. A $500 million government investment would provide the most significant solar roll-out Australia has ever seen. It would create up to 5,000 jobs and cut the cost of energy for thousands of schools, hospitals, country fire stations and Indigenous communities across regional Australia.

    3. Electric bus revolution: Let’s convert Australia’s buses to electric; we can make the world’s best buses right here, and sell them across the globe. A $240 million government investment would see Australia fast-track the electric bus revolution and build a national manufacturing sector supplying electric buses to the world. This would double our current bus manufacturing workforce from 10,000 to 20,000.

    4. Modernising manufacturing: Let’s convert our manufacturing industries to renewable power sources, so they can be resilient and competitive in a global market. Australian industry is the most energy inefficient in the developed world. With a $520 million government investment, we can reduce energy bills and boost the efficiency of Aussie manufacturing, while creating 22,000 new jobs.

    5. Accelerating renewable hydrogen: Let’s accelerate renewable hydrogen and become a global supplier of the ‘fuel of the future’. With a $225 million government investment, we can manufacture renewable hydrogen right here using Aussie infrastructure and export it to the world. This would increase our fuel security and put us at the forefront of an expanding global market.

    And while we’re glad to see that the Federal Budget announcements confirmed several wins for the campaign, we know there is still more to do! The Budget includes:


    Although we need to go much further, these commitments are significant and essential positive steps toward a renewable recovery.

    GECA is committed to advocating for ongoing investment in a renewable recovery as part of our push for smarter, stronger, and more diverse supply chains and better social, economic, and environmental outcomes for all.

    If you would like to learn more, visit WWF-Australia’s page or please contact GECA to learn more about our commitment in this space.

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