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  • GECA Joins the Trusted Labels Group

    TLG Landscape
    2 Nov 2020 10:00 am

    GECA has joined the Trusted Labels Group (TLG) to utilise a range of resources and expertise to simplify and streamline labelling processes for stakeholders such as retailers. The group aims to identify common areas of interest and shared learnings while promoting the benefits of independent third-party certification.

    The TLG includes six independently assessed third-party certification schemes in Australia & New Zealand, including:

    ◾️ Aquaculture Stewardship Council,
    ◾️ Australian Organic Ltd,
    ◾️ Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand,
    ◾️ Forest Stewardship Council Australia and New Zealand,
    ◾️ GECA,
    ◾️ Marine Stewardship Council.

    “The TLG is a collaboration of like-minded labels coming together to be a combined stronger voice in Australia. Providing purchasing professionals and consumers with a central group of labels they can trust and better understand the importance and role each play,” said Paula Clasby, Head of Engagement & Marketing at GECA.

    Download the TLG Flyer

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