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  • GECA Furniture Standards Update

    22 Aug 2016 2:47 am

    GECA is currently in the process of revising both of its furniture standards. Furniture & Fittings (Level B) was due for revision in accordance with the Scheme Rules, and due to overlapping criteria, Furniture Fittings & Foam (Level A) is also being revised concurrently.

    All furniture licensees and stakeholders have been invited to participate in the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), and consultation with the TAG is currently underway via email with confirmed participants. This first round of consultations will be followed by a face-to-face session with members of the TAG to review all feedback and resolve any issues raised. This process should only take around three hours and has been tentatively scheduled for 15 September in Sydney. Following these discussions, GECA will prepare a draft version of the revised standards for further review and public comment.

    Some of the proposed major changes include:

    • Changes to material requirements for fabrics and adhesives
    • A restructure of the criterion for minimum resource efficient material content
    • Addition of a new criterion addressing issues of supply chain and human rights

    For a full list of the proposed changes, click here

    Note that all existing GECA licensees under the Level A standard will not have to recertify under the new standard until their existing GECA licence expires.

    For more information, please contact 

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