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  • GECA Advocates for Green Procurement to Senate Inquiry

    31 Jan 2014 9:01 am

    GECA has long advocated that it is extremely important for sustainability requirements to be incorporated into the procurement requirements of Commonwealth departments.

    It conveyed this message recently to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration References Committee Inquiry into Commonwealth Procurement Procedures. GECA certifies thousands of products, many of which are suitable for government use. These range from building products and furniture to cleaning products and personal care items. It strongly encourages Commonwealth departments requiring the procurement of sustainable products as this will drive innovation in product development in the private sector as well as government.

    Procuring products that are environmentally preferable encourages innovation and collaboration and helps foster a manufacturing industry in Australia that is more modern and able to compete internationally now and in to the future, which is in the long term economic interests of the country.

    For more information on the inquiry, click here.


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