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  • First GECA licensee audited by DLCS International

    20 Jan 2014 9:22 am

    The first products assessed by DLCS International under Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)’s ecolabelling program have successfully met the requirements and been re-certified.

    In 2013 DLCS International achieved JAS-ANZ accreditation enabling it to audit the GECA scheme. GECA’s program is the only ecolabelling program in Australia that is not-for-profit, independent and multi-sector and operating to significantly improve the sustainability of consumption through certification. As part of GECA’s requirements, all conformance assessment bodies must be accredited by JAS-ANZ, the government-appointed body for Australia and New Zealand responsible for providing accreditation of CABs in the fields of certification and inspection.

    This week DLCS International audited Healtheclean’s products against GECA’s cleaning and personal care standards, meaning they are environmentally and socially preferable options for consumers.

    “This is an important milestone for GECA and its ecolabelling program,” said GECA CEO Rupert Posner. “GECA is committed to running the country’s best and most transparent certification scheme. Having independent assessors that meet the highest possible standards is central to this.”

    “We are thrilled to have begun auditing against GECA’s scheme and are excited to be in partnership with an ecolabelling program that addresses the important issues of environmental, health and social impacts. We are pleased to announce that Healtheclean has passed its surveillance audit and can now continue having its products certified with GECA,” said Dennis Rozich, Executive Director of DLCS International.

    “We’re happy to be the first company to complete a surveillance audit conducted by DLCS International under the new Cleaning Products standard. The Cleaning Products standard was issued on 26 November 2013 and we had the surveillance audit on the 16 and 17 December, which was a swift turnaround time. I really appreciate the quick response from DLCS International as well as its efficiency and professionalism in conducting the surveillance audit. I also appreciate GECA’s communication and the technical support with the certification process in such a short time frame,” says Raj Reddy of Healtheclean.

    GECA’s first JAS-ANZ assessor, formerly known as NCS International, completed its name change on 1 January and is now known as BSI. Both BSI and DLCS International are now able to audit the GECA scheme meaning that more environmentally preferable products may soon be available to the market.

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