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  • Find the right CSR Gyprock product for your needs

    7 Nov 2014 4:20 am

    CSR Gyprock has added a range of new products to their list of GECA certified products, increasing the choices available for environmentally-preferable plasterboard. Their Supaceil, Impactchek, Soundchek, Fyrchek, Fyrchek MR, Shaft Liner, Aquachek, Perforated Plasterboard, and Standard Plasterboard products all now carry the GECA ecolabel and meet all the criteria of GECA’s Panel Boards standard.

    This means there’s an environmentally-preferable plasterboard product for almost any application. CSR Gyprock provides solutions for:

    • Better sound absorption: try Gyprock Soundchek, a high density gypsum plasterboard with increased noise absorption properties for residential and commercial walls and ceilings where superior acoustic resistance is required. Soundchek provides effective airborne noise and impact noise insulation. There’s also Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard. The acoustic properties of the board are achieved by perforations to approximately 8% of the board surface that absorb sound to reduce echoes and reverberation. The long edges of the panels are recessed for flush jointing to a smooth, continuous surface.
      Moisture and humidity resistance: Gyprock Aquachek’s core, face and back are treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity without compromising integrity. It is specifically designed for use as a lining in wet areas of residential or commercial buildings. It provides an excellent, stable substrate for ceramic tiles.
      Fire-rated walls and ceilings: Gyprock Fyrchek is a fire and acoustic grade board with a specially processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core for use in fire rated wall and ceiling systems and where improved acoustic performance is required. The similar Gyprock Fyrchek MR also has high moisture resistance properties (MR), suitable for wet area rooms, soffits and external eaves that must achieve fire resistance.
    • The walls in your indoor sports arena: Gyprock Impactchek’s reinforced core creates a high strength plasterboard designed for walls in high impact areas. It effectively reduces the damage caused by soft and hard body impact. The heavy duty lining paper provides a more scuff resistant surface, making this plasterboard ideal for high traffic areas. It’s also a fire and acoustic grade board.
    • When you need extra fire resistance or acoustic performance: Gyprock Shaft Liner panels are 25mm thick sheets with a glass fibre reinforced gypsum core encased in a heavy duty linerboard. These panels are fire grade with exceptional acoustic insulation properties and are used in Gyprock commercial wall and ceiling systems where a high fire rating or high acoustic performance is specified.
    • When you just need some good, basic plasterboard for your walls or ceiling: Gyprock Supaceil is the first plasterboard in Australia to feature Optimised Core technology. It is specifically designed for use on internal ceiling linings – predominantly in residential applications – where no specific fire, acoustic or moisture resistant requirements are specified. For walls, consider Gyprock’s Standard Plasterboard, which is manufactured to exceed the performance requirements of Australian standard AS2588 and is respected by industry professionals for its easy handling, better score and snap and beautiful flat finish.

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