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  • Elyptol now certified with GECA

    20 Aug 2015 9:24 am

    GECA is pleased to welcome our newest licensee, Elyptol™, under GECA’s latest standard for Personal Care Products. Elyptol’s products meet GECA’s strict criteria for lower environmental, health and social impacts.

    Elyptol’s antimicrobial moisturising hand sanitiser products are made from naturally derived ingredients and can be used by consumers and professionals.  Their formula focus is on germ efficacy and usage frequency, which is regarded as a strong indicator of sanitising effectiveness.

    The Elyptol™ sanitiser products provide a dual effect. They rapidly kill germs because of the 70% ethanol and eucalyptus oil ingredients and with a special natural moisturiser, they prevent the drying effect of the ethanol. After application, the gel or rub (spray) dries quickly leaving the skin smooth and clean. The products are non-greasy, do not leave a sticky residue and do not require rinsing.

    Elyptol’s products are effective against bacterial, microbial and viral infections.  The Elyptol™ hand sanitisers also provide a gentle healing effect on sore, damaged skin, thanks to the skin repair function of the eucalyptus and moisturiser, which makes them a great choice wherever frequent hand hygiene is required.

    Elyptol’s range of botanical skin hygiene and hard surface sanitisation products can currently be purchased online through First Aid Distributions, McFarlane Medical Supplies, Medshop Australia and OfficeMax. The Elyptol™ antimicrobial sanitising and moisturising hand gel is also available for NSW government workplaces via NSW Healthshare supplied by Office Max, or Bunzl Outsourcing as Elyptol’s NSW health tender suppliers.

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