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  • ecolour first GECA licensee under new Paints and Coatings standard

    13 Jun 2014 4:52 am

    GECA is pleased to welcome its newest licensee, ecolour, manufacturer of premium quality paint. It is the first licensee to have its products certified under GECA’s new Paints and Coatings standard, after passing its audit with DLCS International.

    ecolour paints contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to human health, and have been certified by The Carbon Reduction Institute as being carbon neutral. Its paints are water-based, can be tinted to any colour, and are suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications. The paints also make use of recycled and refined waste engine oil, which acts as a preservative to maintain durability and smooth application.

    Products certified under GECA’s Paints and Coatings standard have been assessed to meet environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria. They also contribute towards achieving credit points for projects being certified under the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star ‘Design and As-Built’ and ‘Interior’ tools.

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