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  • E-waste Social Enterprise Wins Premier’s Sustainability Award

    Minister and Julie Mckay Winner Premier's Recognition Award
    16 Oct 2019 5:59 pm

    The Victorian Premier’s Recognition Award was won at the recent Premier’s Sustainability Awards by Enable Social Enterprises for their work employing disadvantaged people in a successful e-waste business.

    Enable is a social enterprise whose mission is to break unemployment cycles by helping disadvantaged jobseekers to connect with community, environment, and improve prospects of participating in gainful employment through supportive work and learning programs.

    The inaugural Environmental Volunteering category was won by Electrifying Industry Volunteer Working Group, expert volunteers who produced a report, Electrifying Industry, a world’s first that shows how to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing.

    Other category winners include Monash University for Built Environment, the River Nile School for Education, Renew and the Hepburn Shire for Community and AMES Australia and Parks Victoria for Environmental Justice. You can discover more about all of the winners here.

    Premier of Victoria, The Hon. Daniel Andrews congratulated and thanked the finalists for their hard work helping to achieve a stronger, more sustainable Victoria in his message at the awards ceremony.

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