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  • Creating concrete solutions for sustainable infrastructure

    22 Aug 2016 4:01 am

    From Kate:

    At GECA, we’ve been working hard at creating tangible solutions to celebrate best practice in the built environment for over 15 years. And as we are getting bigger and better in partnership with the leaders here in Australia, so are our products.

    We are also working closely with the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) to make sure there are great products to meet the needs of their much-needed and highly regarded tool, not only here in Australia but beyond.

    To embrace this opportunity, GECA has been working on our cement and concrete standard which is set for release soon this year.  Cement and concrete are significant materials with significant impacts and they represent an ever growing sector.

    The amount of infrastructure in Australia is booming with road and rail projects of huge significance in our national investment.  As infrastructure booms, so does our use of concrete and cement products – and so too the impact on our environment. Edge Environment states that we have more concrete per person per year than we do the amount of food we eat – now that is food for thought!

    There are also many new techniques being established in cement and concrete, from geopolymers to using recycled concrete. It is a great time to highlight them.

    So what is next? Sustainable steel. GECA is looking into steel standards through working with the steel industry to ensure that we celebrate best practice manufacturing and products.

    As we watch all the new motorways go up around us, keep asking questions: are we doing this in a way that is good for our people and our planet? Can they demonstrate that they are using the best quality products and materials that are available in the marketplace?

    ISCA and GECA are coming together to provide sustainable supply chain solutions and we ask you and your industry to become involved. Contact us if you are keen to know more about where infrastructure is heading in Australia, how you can be involved and how GECA can help make it happen.

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