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  • Bounce Rubber Bands Fights Greenwash with a GECA Claim Authentication

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    28 Jul 2020 5:49 pm

    Congratulations to the team at Bounce Rubber Bands for going beyond a self-declared claim and PROVING their claim via independent third-party assurance!

    The GECA Claim Authenticated mark allows conscious consumers to confidently differentiate their product from others that may have false or misleading claims.

    “It has always been important to us that we offer customers a more eco-conscious choice and one that aligns with our values,” said Mark Moffett, Director of Bounce Rubber Bands.

    “We found the market is moving to make greener choices and consumers want to easily identify and choose products, services or organisations that are aligned with their eco-ideals. We conducted thorough research and felt the GECA Claims Authentication process would give our customers confidence in our claim that the rubber used in our rubber bands is derived from natural rubber trees.”

    Supplying rubber bands made from natural rubber, rather than their synthetic alternative, is very important to Bounce. They source their natural rubber ethically from Thailand where it is produced from a tree called Hevea brasiliensis. The milky latex farmed from the Hevea brasiliensis is a renewable resource which is tapped without harming the tree.

    Rubber tapping

    Synthetic rubber, on the other hand, can be made using petrochemicals and other climate-harming fossil fuels. Tiny plastic polymers (AKA micro-plastics) are the result of synthetic rubber bands eroding. These polymers often end up as pollutants in oceans and waterways.

    The process required Bounce Rubber Bands to complete detailed assessments and prove traceability of their rubber. Bounce is one of the only rubber band providers in Australia to have traceability of every bag produced. They do this through their market-leading batch numbering system. Their systems made it easy to be transparent about their supply chain during the claims assessment process.

    According to Bounce Rubber Bands, their GECA Claims Authentication is another step in providing transparency and confidence in their product. They are committed to continuing their journey to ensure their customers can count on them as being an eco-considered brand.

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