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  • Awesome August – Reflections from Kate Harris

    Team GECA July 2019
    25 Aug 2019 1:17 pm

    Well, the new financial year has well and truly kicked off, and there is excitement in the air with a rise in conversation and action around carbon, circular economy and modern slavery. I’m happy to say that GECA is getting ready to help you navigate these issues and achieve your sustainability goals!

    Carbon is coming!

    When it comes to carbon, there’s a real change coming with the new Green Star future focus and in many other building schemes. So, knowing the embodied energy of your products is going to be a crucial next step. Stay tuned for more information!

    Embracing a circular economy

    We all know that the war on waste has truly begun! Now is the time to drive home the value of resource recovery and innovation. It’s great timing with our Waste Collection Services standard going national and our first licensee, ORG, to become certified. We would also like to acknowledge GPT for their encouragement to GECA and ORG in support of the standard. Congratulations to all involved!

    ORG Launch_Kate Harris (GECA), Jim McBurney (ORG), Steve Ford (GPT), Wes Rogers (ORG), Esther Bailey (City of Sydney) and Ben Thomas (GPT)

    From left – Kate Harris (GECA), Jim McBurney (ORG), Steve Ford (GPT), Wes Rogers (ORG), Esther Bailey (City of Sydney) and Ben Thomas (GPT)

    Modern slavery = everyone’s business

    The reporting period for Australia’s new Modern Slavery Act has now commenced, and if your organisation does not have to report, then you may still be inundated with supplier surveys! The good news is that by having GECA certification, you are already responding in part to some core social risks. So now is the perfect time to be talking to your stakeholders about your certification. We also offer training for your teams to know how to prepare, look for, and do the right thing. Give us a call to chat through how we can help if faced with a challenging or concerning situation.

    Comings and goings

    And now a little closer to home, we say farewell to our sensational Sarah Sannen who is leaving GECA to do a Masters in the Netherlands. We will miss her, but we’re thrilled that her sustainability journey continues! As Sarah was a dance teacher for many years, part of her farewell gift was to choreograph us all one last time.

    Sarah Sannen's Farewell Dance

    As with most farewells, there is often a welcome. We welcome Michelle Thomas to our team – a fabulous addition as General Manager. Here’s what Michelle had to say –

    “Joining the GECA team was a fantastic move for my career. After having worked in the corporate sector, in the sales and marketing industries for most of my career, I made a conscious decision to work in an organisation that was making a positive impact on the planet. For me, GECA stands out as an organisation with a passion for creating a sustainable future, and I feel lucky to have been offered the role of General Manager.”

    Michelle Thomas

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