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  • Abco Urges the Use of Sustainable Cleaning Products Ahead of Clean Up Australia Day

    Enviroplus Range
    26 Feb 2020 10:25 am

    Ahead of Clean up Australia Day, commercial cleaning supplier Abco has announced the formal release of their exclusive new GECA certified cleaning products, the Enviroplus range.

    With the recognition of Clean up Australia Day on the 1 March 2020, Abco wants consumers and businesses to know that affordable, environmentally friendly commercial cleaning chemicals exist.

    “With an extremely devastating summer of fires and then flooding in Australia, it’s crucial now more than ever that Australian businesses start thinking about being sustainable for the next generation. Clean up Australia Day is a perfect reminder that all individuals and businesses have a role to play to keep our beautiful country clean,” said James Bagshaw, Abco’s Managing Director.

    The Enviroplus brand is a step forward in the right direction that provides an inexpensive toxic-free, plant-based, organically powered cleaning solution for cleaners. Abco’s vision is simple, minimise the commercial waste impact on the environment and empower the cleaners performing the job day after the day to be proud of what they do.

    “By achieving certification for their Enviroplus range under GECA’s Cleaning Products standard, Abco is demonstrating their commitment to creating products that have a lower impact on the environment and human health, are ethically made and fit for purpose”, said Michelle Thomas, GECA’s Acting CEO.

    GECA certified Enviroplus range by Abco

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