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Our aim is to best serve our clients to deliver creative solutions for all their commercial seating requirements — Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. CFS is represented through a network of dealers and independent representatives supported by state-of-the-art showrooms.

In the current economic climate, we see it as our responsibility to make sure you get the most out of your working environment – to make it work harder, be more cost-effective, more flexible, and more environmentally friendly – to maximise the return from your space.

CFS is dedicated to meeting the visual and functional demands of any workplace while minimising ongoing investment even as business needs change. Now, more than ever, providing the right solution is fundamental. Our philosophy is based upon providing you with a dedicated team that works with you from day one right through to the delivery of the end product, providing you with an inspirational yet functional solution that motivates, inspires, and ultimately improves your business.

Certified Products by Commercial Furniture Solutions

Product Images Name Green Star
relevance Green Star is Australia's trusted mark of quality for the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities. Choosing Green Star can help you save money, create a healthy place for people, minimise your environmental footprint and build a better future for us all.
Adapt Range By Ross Gardam
Agent By P4 Design
Aladdin By P4 Design
Alpine by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Anna By P4 Design
Annette By P4 Design
Arca By P4 Design
Arisa By P4 Design
Arthur By P4 Design
Aura By P4 Design
Autobahn By Derlot Editions
Avion Collection By Keith Melbourne
Banquette Seating by Commercial Furniture Solutions Range
Barrier By P4 Design
Betinha By P4 Design
Betty By P4 Design
Biblis By P4 Design
Biggie By Derlot Editions
Blade By P4 Design
Bloc Range By Living Edge
Bloom Collection By Keith Melbourne
Blue Lounge Collection By Keith Melbourne
BOB By P4 Design
Bomboloni By Modern Times
Bongo by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Boo By P4 Design
Boss Lounge by Commercial Furniture Solutions Range
Boulder By P4 Design
Box Range By Stylecraft
Brutal By Derlot Editions
Capri Range By Living Edge
Case Range By Stylecraft
Caterpillar By Derlot Editions
Chameleon by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Chips By P4 Design
Circlz By P4 Design
Clara By P4 Design
Cloud by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Cocoon By P4 Design
Cocoon Media Unit By P4 Design
Code By P4 Design
Colina By Stylecraft
Converse by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Cooper By P4 Design
Cosmos Tub by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Crease By Derlot Edition
Crescent By Derlot Edition
Cyber by Commercial Furniture Solutions
DNA By P4 Design
Ear Range By Living Edge
Easey By Modern Times
Elan By P4 Design
Ellise By Keith Melbourne
Emma By Keith Melbourne
Entente By P4 Design
Fit By Derlot Edition
Flatliner freestand By Derlot Editions
Flatliner Wall By Derlot Editions
Forum By Derlot Editions
Fragment By Derlot Editions
Gamin by Commercial Furniture Solutions
George Range By Stylecraft
Guell By Derlot Editions
Hearth Range By Ross Gardam
Hellen By P4 Design
Hellen Plus By P4 Design
HEX By P4 Design
Hext By Derlot Editions
Highline by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Hiro By P4 Design
Homework By Derlot Editions
Hoot By P4 Design
Horizon by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Iceberg By Derlot Editions
Ivi By Derlot Editions
Jackz By P4 Design
Jasper by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Julliette By Keith Melbourne
Kalida By Stylecraft
Kiik By Stylecraft
Kimbra By P4 Design
Kimbretta By P4 Design
Kink By Derlot Editions
Kong By Derlot Editions
Kruze By P4 Design
Layla By P4 Design
Lectra By P4 Design
Lerod By Derlot Editions
Linea By P4 Design
Lois Collection By Keith Melbourne
Loop Range By Stylecraft
Low Line by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Luxe By P4 Design
Madrid by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Manhattan Range By Living Edge
Mantra By P4 Design
Manx By P4 Design
Marconi By P4 Design
Marnie By P4 Design
Mass By Derlot Editions
Melbourne by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Meteor by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Metro Lounge by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Millepiedi By P4 Design
Mochi By Derlot Editions
Mr By P4 Design
Mrs By P4 Design
Myriad By P4 Design
Niche Range By Living Edge
Noon Range By Ross Gardam
Not By P4 Design
Not Wood By P4 Design
Oracle By P4 Design
Oslo by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Ottoman Range By Living Edge
Ottomans by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Ottomans By Stylecraft
Parentesi By Stylecraft
Peak By Derlot Editions
Peek By P4 Design
Perch By P4 Design
Perry By ModernTimes
Picket By Derlot Editions
Pill By Derlot Editions
Pillar By Derlot Editions
Ping Pong By P4 Design
Pino By Keith Melbourne
Pinto By Derlot Editions
Pix By Stylecraft
Place Range By Ross Gardam
Plug By Derlot Editions
Pluto by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Pony By Derlot Editions
Powl By Derlot Editions
Prisma By Derlot Editions
Propeller By P4 Design
Pucka by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Puggy by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Q Series by Commercial Furniture Solutions
QTZ By Derlot Editions
Remi by Commercial Furniture Solutions
ReVerve By P4 Design
Rhea by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Rio By Derlot Editions
RoundAbout By P4 Design
Seed By Derlot Editions
Sfera By Derlot Editions
Shuffle By P4 Design
Size By P4 Design
Skyline Range By Living Edge
Snug By P4 Design
Spire By Derlot Editions
Squarz By P4 Design
Strap By Derlot Editions
Tailored Range By Ross Gardam
Tao By P4 Design
Tesserae Collection By Keith Melbourne
Tetromino By Derlot Editions
Tetromino Soft By Derlot Editions
Titan by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Transit Lounge By Living Edge
Twig By Derlot Editions
Universal by Commercial Furniture Solutions
US By P4 Design
Valet By Derlot Editions
Vela by Commercial Furniture Solutions
Viva By P4 Design
Volar By Derlot Editions
Yeti By Derlot Editions

Learn more about the benefits of environmental certification for your products by reading our case studies

GECA has helped countless Australian businesses obtain certification

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What our clients say about us

Clients say it’s GECA or nothing. If you don’t have GECA certification it’s a negative. GECA certification is a priority for Haworth.

John Stamoulos

GECA is seen by major clients across Australia and internationally to be a credible organisation that provides certification to forward thinking companies that seek to maintain and further environmental standards. Envirofluid is glad to be associated with the GECA label”.

Lydia Ohlmeyer, Marketing and Operations Manager

Being an environmentally aware business, we needed a way to ensure, adhere and implement sustainably preferable strategies into our business plan. The team at GECA is co-operative and their guidance ensured that we not only complied with green standards, but exceeded them. The process is credible and well-received in the market place and ensures that we are set apart from the not-so-genuine ‘greenwashing’ companies.

Donna McMullen, Director 

Having GECA certification gives added credibility to our already strong Europlank brand. The GECA ecolabel confirms that Havwoods Europlank has been rigorously assessed for its impact over its life cycle and it is safer for our clients, their families and colleagues. When you choose Havwoods GECA certified Europlank you can have confidence in the environmental and health claims of this product range.

David Hickson, General Manager

GBCA Green Star projects are a fantastic way of promoting environmentally aware developments that benefit all parties involved. Jardan is committed to the advertisement of eco-labelling as a means of encouraging sustainable practice,

Andy Collins, Design Assistant

To discuss getting your product GECA certified, get in touch with us now.

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