Stripout Waste Program

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Increasingly, the focus of waste recovery and reduction efforts within Australia’s built environment sector is on stripout waste generated from end of lease, refurbishments and demolition activities. However, limitations to consistent and transparent material data reporting on stripout projects have remained a key obstacle to performance improvement. Building owners have been unable to validate the sustainable performance of individual stripout projects quantitatively. The improvement of accuracy and transparency of data obtained from stripout processes can assist building owners and the industry to develop effective waste mitigating solutions to support the City of Sydney in achieving zero waste to landfill by 2030.

GECA, with support from the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), was awarded a grant from the City of Sydney to develop a program to improve the accuracy and transparency of stripout waste data. As part of this program, we have developed a simplified yet robust data reporting process that can be utilised by building owners, BBP members and the broader industry.

Specifically, the Stripout Waste Program will:

• provide a clear view of current performance by building owners and contractors, targeted areas for improvement and necessary intervention points

• provide the means for data-driven decisions and support for driving policy improvements by building owners, industry, and governments

• provide a guiding methodology for stripout contractors to report projects; upskilling local contractors to meet the challenges in our transition to a circular economy

• enable performance comparisons between management processes, projects, and contractors

The program is currently undergoing a pilot phase. Click here to submit an expression of interest to use this service for your stripout project.

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