Action Paper – GECA Solutions for a Circular Economy 2022

At GECA, we know that embracing the transition to a circular economy is a significant step toward achieving our vision of a better future for people and planet. Global trends and research clearly show that businesses and organisations that do not adopt a circular approach will be left behind.

This paper will discuss the megatrends of circular economy drivers and how GECA can help future-proof your organisation. We will demonstrate how GECA’s existing services align with circular economy thinking and where we would like to grow in the future. We will outline GECA’s role in ensuring credible and transparent verification processes are in place to remove the greenwash from Australian markets and enable truly effective circular economy approaches.

To thrive at scale, we must also embed collaboration into the framework for the circular economy. We know that at GECA, we hold essential pieces of the puzzle, but to create significant positive change, we must work closely with all levels of government, business and other not-for-profits.

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