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  • New product: XE Summit Workstations get the GECA tick

    18 Mar 2014 4:58 am

    Baseline Commercial Furniture have recently launched their new XE Summit Workstations, adding yet another item to their growing list of GECA certified products. The freshly launched workstation, which is a newer and updated version of their Summit product, has met all the criteria of the Furniture, Fittings and Foam 2010 v2.1 standard.

    The XE Summit is designed by Daniel Korb and manufactured in Australia, and “focuses on a better understanding of space and human needs using design to solve these problems”. It’s highly adaptable, featuring quick release multipurpose beams and cast aluminium legs. Baseline can also customise table finishes, edging and shaping if needed.

    Baseline Commercial Furniture is wholly Australian owned and operated, supporting the local and national community with its manufacturing plant located in Melbourne. With 100 employees spanning over 4 Australian states, all products are manufactured to each client requirements, sizes and finishes.

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