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  • New award to recognise product innovation

    3 Jul 2014 3:11 am

    Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) is pleased to have worked with the Banksia Foundation to help create a new award category to recognise product sustainability as part of its awards for 2014.

    The Product Sustainability through Design, Manufacture and Use Award recognises outstanding achievement in improving sustainability through the design, manufacture and commercial application of a product(s). It includes new products as well as improvements in process or design that improve the sustainability of existing products.

    The Banksia Sustainability Awards is an annual sustainability awards program in Australia that recognises and rewards excellence in environmental initiative and developments. They take a broad focus of sustainability, not only in terms of environmental achievements but also achievements at a social and economic level.

    “We are very happy to have GECA as a friend of Banksia and its assistance and support for this exciting new award category,” said Graz van Egmond, Chief Executive Officer of Banksia Foundation.

    “I encourage GECA licensees to consider putting forward their leadership and innovation through entering the 2014 Banksia Awards Program. Entering the Banksia Awards is a positive step in acknowledging the work of your team and an opportunity to evaluate the work you’ve done against external criteria.”

    GECA CEO Rupert Posner said that by working together the two organisations hoped to showcase the great work being done and use it to inspire and encourage others to follow suit.

    “The sustainability of products is really important and it is fabulous that there is a new Banksia category to recognise this. I have seen some of the great work many of our GECA certified licensees are doing and urge them to consider entering the Banksia Awards,” he said.

    This year the finalists of each category will have the opportunity to present their case studies at a conference-style event just prior to the announcement of the winners.

    See the 2014 Banksia Awards categories, deadlines and criteria and register online here. There are also sponsorship opportunities remaining.

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