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  • It’s a Wrap – Innovations for a Circular Economy

    Innovations for a Circular Economy
    23 Nov 2020 6:41 pm

    In collaboration with the City of Sydney, we presented, Innovations for a Circular Economy (9 October 2020), a half-day online symposium streamed live from Customs House, Sydney.

    We designed this event to inspire, encourage collaboration and share sustainable solutions and innovations, bringing together government, businesses, and community to build a circular economy – all while celebrating World Ecolabel Day!

    We want to thank all our incredible, inspiring speakers, Craig Reucassel,  production partners; KEZUMircoSafe Care Australia, and eWater Systems and the City of Sydney and all of you who attended – thank you!

    Craig Reucassel

    At GECA, we firmly believe that collaboration is essential if we are going to move our country and our planet toward a circular economy. If you are interested in learning more and collaborating with us, contact us today.

    We recorded the online symposium, and you will find links to the full event and of each segment and panel below. We have also provided some additional supportive information following our speaker’s presentations.

    Enjoy and we hope to see you next time!

    Speakers clockwise from top left: Damian Paull – FSC, Molly Harriss-Olson -Fairtrade, Anne Gabriel – MSC, Michelle Thomas – GECA, Peter Milic – CSIRO, Monica Richter – WWF, Zoe Baker – City of Sydney and Pooja Rao – Luxmy.


    Speakers clockwise from top left: Jean Bailliard -TerraCycle, Chris Collimore -Closed Loop, Paul Klymenko – Planet Ark, Veena Sahajwalla – SMaRT Centre UNSW,  Terrie-Ann Johnson – Clean Up Australia, Natalie Isaacs – 1MW, Gordon Renouf – Good On You, Craig Reucassel – Presenter & Comedian,
    Ashley Killeen – OzHarvest. 


    ◾️ Full Event Recording
    ◾️ Welcome & Address by Councillor Jess Miller & Hon Trevor Evans
    ◾️ Panel 1 – Collaborative Impact
    ◾️ Panel 2 – Business & Government Driving Innovation
    ◾️ Panel 3 – The Power Of Waste
    ◾️ Panel 4 & Closing Remarks – Consumer Empowerment

    Keynote Speakers

    Councillor Jess Miller – City of Sydney and the Hon Trevor Evans – Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, Federal Member for Brisbane.


    Panel 1 – Collaborative Impact
    🔄 Learn more about the Trusted Labels Group (TLG)

    Panel 2 – Business & Government Driving Innovation
    🔄 Peter Milic, Innovation Connections Facilitator, CSIRO
    ◾️ SME Connect
    ◾️ KickStart
    ◾️ Innovation Connections
    ◾️ STEM+ Business

    The link below from “Jobs for NSW” is also a good overview of all NSW and Federal Government programs for SMEs (includes Innovation Connections).
    ◾️ Jobs for NSW Funding Roadmap

    Panel 3 The Power of Waste
    🔄 Jean Bailliard, General Manager, TerraCycle
    ◾️ TerraCycle
    ◾️ Loop Store

    🔄 Steve Morris, Head of Circular Economy Development, Planet Ark
    ◾️ Circular Economy Hub
    ◾️ Circular Economy Hub launch event

    🔄 Veena Sahajwalla, CEO, SMaRT Centre UNSW
    ◾️ E-Waste video produced by Engineering Australia 

    Panel 4 – Consumer Empowerment
    🔄 Terrie-Ann Johnson, CEO, Clean Up Australia
    ◾️ Buy Recycled Platform

    🔄 Natalie Isaacs, CEO & Founder, 1 Million Women
    ◾️ 1 Million Women
    ◾️ LoveEarth Festival

    🔄 Gordon Renouf, CEO, Good On You
    ◾️ Good On You App

    Clockwise from top left: Hera Lounges by KE-ZU, Nanocyn Disinfectant and Sanitiser by MicroSafe, eWater Sanitiser by eWater Systems

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