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  • GECA licensee spotlight: Warwick Fabrics

    18 Feb 2013 9:36 am

    Understanding the importance of the preservation of our shared environment is of fundamental importance to the Directors, Management and all employees of Warwick Fabrics.

    Several initiatives have been undertaken to ensure we are leading the way for the textile industry in this area. To date we have:

    • Undertaken a full Carbon Audit to quantify our Carbon Footprint and we have committed to purchase Carbon Credits to offset this quantity;
    • Committed to ongoing annual Carbon Audits;
    • Developed and released ranges utilising recycled yarns, and natural fibres grown using the world’s best practices;
    • Undertaken to deal with Supplier Companies that have a similar stance on these matters;
    • Initiated in-house environmental training programs for all employees to create a greater awareness of environmental issues, and develop ways to address such issues;
    • Implemented the relevant and required Health and Safety measures for all employees;
    • Undertaken systems, equipment and plans to use all raw materials, energy and water and as efficiently as possible.
    • Warwick Fabrics will make every effort to ensure that our Environmental Performance is as important as other performance indicators in our business by regularly monitoring the environmental performance of all those directly involved with our business.

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