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Our Positive Procurement Pledge is another initiative that is about moving beyond tokenistic gestures.

As the global marketplace increasingly looks for solid sustainability credentials, GECA is challenging businesses, government agencies, industry groups and NGOs around the world to elevate themselves above the greenwash.

We work with both big and small organisations in taking the Pledge and assist them to develop, document and implement a sustainable procurement policy to govern all purchasing decisions.

Sustainable procurement is about considering the environmental, social and economic impacts of purchased goods and services. Through sustainable procurement your organisation can build resilience and become future proofed through increased efficiency and effectiveness.

In April 2017, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) released the world’s first ISO 20400 International Standard for Sustainable Procurement. ISO 20400 is designed to ensure that the procurement policies of organisations, both big and small, are robust and address sustainable supply chain issues.

Learn more & take the Pledge

We’re challenging businesses, government agencies, industry groups and non-governmental organisations around the world to take the Positive Procurement Pledge.

Take a stand and commit publicly to developing and implementing a sustainable procurement policy for your organisation that will do good for our planet and the people on it!

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