i.d Luxury Low Sheen Interior Wall Paint


  • A smooth, even wall finish
  • Superior washability, stain and scuff resistance - easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for all living areas, high traffic areas, as well as ceilings in wet areas
  • Smooth low gloss elegant finish in a variety of colours to suit different tastes
  • Odourless during and after application
  • Contains less than 1gm per litre of VOC's for improved air quality
  • Available in 4 bases (White + 3 tint bases - light, mid and strong)
  • Certified as environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia


    Wattyl Interior Design i.d brings a fresh approach to the way you decorate your interior with a choice of designer colours, easier application and a smoother even finish. This luxury low sheen finish has long lasting durability whilst minimising the impact on your environment.

    Where To Use

    Interior walls such as living rooms,bedrooms,hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries etc.


    Up to 16 square metres/L depending on the surface porosity and method of application.

    Sizes Available

    1L, 2L, 4L, 10L and 15L


    What makes a paint environmentally preferable?

    Paint is made from three basic ingredients: pigment, binder and solvent. In addition to these it can contain a variety of additives, including biocides (to prevent bacteria or fungal growth in the can or on the painted surface). Each of these ingredients can have an impact on the environment during the life cycle of the paint.

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    What our clients say about us

    Clients say it’s GECA or nothing. If you don’t have GECA certification it’s a negative. GECA certification is a priority for Haworth.

    John Stamoulos

    GECA is seen by major clients across Australia and internationally to be a credible organisation that provides certification to forward thinking companies that seek to maintain and further environmental standards. Envirofluid is glad to be associated with the GECA label”.

    Lydia Ohlmeyer, Marketing and Operations Manager

    Being an environmentally aware business, we needed a way to ensure, adhere and implement sustainably preferable strategies into our business plan. The team at GECA is co-operative and their guidance ensured that we not only complied with green standards, but exceeded them. The process is credible and well-received in the market place and ensures that we are set apart from the not-so-genuine ‘greenwashing’ companies.

    Donna McMullen, Director 

    Having GECA certification gives added credibility to our already strong Europlank brand. The GECA ecolabel confirms that Havwoods Europlank has been rigorously assessed for its impact over its life cycle and it is safer for our clients, their families and colleagues. When you choose Havwoods GECA certified Europlank you can have confidence in the environmental and health claims of this product range.

    David Hickson, General Manager

    GBCA Green Star projects are a fantastic way of promoting environmentally aware developments that benefit all parties involved. Jardan is committed to the advertisement of eco-labelling as a means of encouraging sustainable practice,

    Andy Collins, Design Assistant

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