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  • Sustainable Events & Activities to Keep You Inspired While Self-Isolating

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    23 Mar 2020 11:59 am

    Last updated on 14/4/2020

    We know that there’s a lot to be concerned about right now. But sometimes you need a break from the latest COVID-19 news and give yourself some mental room to breathe. We’ve put together a list of sustainability-focused events and activities to help keep you occupied, energised and connected.


    Every Thursday from 26 March ~ Banksia Happy Hour will provide you with an inspirational and positive platform showcasing the success of Australian change-makers. The amazing folks at the Banksia Foundation are hosting a get-together through Zoom to bring you inspirational speakers to keep your spirits high. Please contact to confirm your interest.

    Every Monday from 30 March ~ The Dumbo Feather Conversation Series can provide you with an oasis during your lunch break! Hear from inspirational speakers as they explore how we’re holding the complexity of this time while reimagining what’s possible.

    Every Thursday from 2 April at 11:00 (BST) ~ #GrowYourKnowledge is a free webinar series hosted by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) exploring a range of built environment topics, including wellbeing in buildings and action on climate change. If the time difference doesn’t work for you, the good news is that each webinar will be available on the #GrowYourKnowledge GoToWebinar channel 24 hours after recording.

    15 – 16 April ~ Re-imagining Sustainable Events is a free, two-hour hackathon hosted by the Sustainable Event Alliance. It’s an opportunity for event professionals to get together, discuss a positive future, and envision an event industry that is good for people and planet.

    23 April ~ An Introduction to the Living Building Challenge is for everyone who can impact the development of the built environment, no matter the level of expertise in regenerative design. This webinar will focus on the latest 4.0 version of the LBC, designed as a streamlined approach to maximise positive impacts specific to the place, community, and culture of projects. LFIA will share Australian and International case studies, and provide an opportunity for interactive discussions and Q&As.

    29 April ~ Getting Electric Vehicle Ready will explore a range of important considerations relevant to design and installation of EV charging solutions. Run by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), this webinar will cover the key considerations for cost-effectively supporting EV charging in buildings and the direction of regulatory change in this space.

    16 June ~ Green Building Day is an online national conference where you will hear from sustainability leaders, learn from Green Star projects, share knowledge, and connect. This event is hosted by the Green Building Council of Australia.

    Online Learning

    Our friends at Supply Chain Sustainability School have a wealth of FREE online courses and resources. Access training on vital topics such as climate adaptation, modern slavery and the circular economy.

    We have created a series of masterclasses on sustainable procurement and driving purchasing that is good for people and the planet. Discover how to identify hotspots in your supply chain and where to start when it comes to looking for modern slavery.

    Travelling may not be an option right now, but one day it will be again. Jump onto our newest webinar where we spoke to Kate Read, Sustainability Engagement Coordinator at City of Sydney and grab some hot tips and tools to amend your travel policy and shape procurement discussions and processes that are better for people and planet.

    Cultural Competence – Aboriginal Sydney is a free online course offered by the University of Sydney that uses Aboriginal experiences and narratives of Sydney to explore the key themes and capabilities of cultural competence.

    The Green Building Institute offers online training in sustainable building and construction. This includes accredited qualifications and CPD training.

    The ISEAL Alliance have published their webinar series relating to credible sustainability standards on Vimeo. Here you can access expertise on living incomes, social auditing and benchmarking.

    Pro-tip! Many libraries offer their members free access to extensive online learning platforms, as well as e-books and audiobooks. It’s worth jumping on your library’s website and checking it out!

    Watch & Listen

    Now is the perfect time to watch those sustainability docos that you’ve never had time for!

    The Ocean Lovers Festival has filmed a series of interviews with experts in the marine environment, conducted by the co-founder of Ocean Impact Organisation Tim Silverwood.

    The makers of Inhabit, a feature-length documentary on permaculture, have now made their film available to stream online for free. Pebble Magazine have also created a great list of films on topics ranging from climate change and ethical fashion to coral reefs and biodiversity.

    During morning coffee, why not kick back and listen to an inspiring sustainably-minded podcast? Here’s just a few to get you started.

    The ELEVATE Sustainable Journeys podcast features conversations with the leading industry voices on sustainability and responsible supply chains as they share their journeys toward lasting positive change.

    Journalist and VOGUE Sustainability Editor, Claire Press, interviews guests on her podcast Wardrobe Crisis about fashion, culture, sustainability, ethics, activism and the environment. Sustainability Defined is a podcast that focuses on a single topic each episode that pushes sustainability forward.

    The Minimalists Podcast is all about how to live better with less stuff, whereas Think Sustainability digs into the impact of consumption across all areas of life.

    The Sustainable Jungle Podcast explores solutions for the world’s sustainability and conservation challenges. And lastly, Direct Current combines humour and cutting-edge energy science.

    Family Fun

    Here are some mood-boosting activities to entertain children and adults alike.

    A wonderful example of what we can achieve when we work together is citizen science. The Conversation has put together a list of amazing environmental and health-related projects that need your help!

    Thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can visit some of the most famous art galleries and museums in the world from the safety of home. Whether you’d like to peruse the National Gallery of Australia, visit the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, fly through the Orion Nebula or stroll around Angkor Wat Temple, there’s something for everyone.

    Need to get off the sofa? Urban Hunt has made it easy for you to design an indoor scavenger hunt regardless of how big or small your space is! You can also keep active with Sydney Dance Company’s Virtual Studio. Classes are available for all levels of experience.

    Zoos Victoria has set up cameras to bring you front row seats to some of the wildlife at Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo. Sneak a peek at some snow leopard cubs or zoom in on the zebras. Taronga Zoo in Sydney has set up 24/7 live-streaming cameras so you can tune in to Taronga TV and enjoy your favourite animals at any time of day! They’re also featuring special Keeper Talks and animal feeds.

    Make best friends with your backyard, balcony or window and become familiar with the creatures in your neighbourhood! BirdLife Australia is encouraging us all to snap a photo of any backyard bird sightings and post them online tagged with #BirdingatHome. BirdLife has also released a range of resources specifically designed to keep the kids chirpy!

    The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney have moved the entire
    PL❤NTS Exhibition online! Feast your eyes on over 150 artworks celebrating all things plants. The virtual gallery will remain available up to the end of May.

    The always effervescent Costa Georgiadis has teamed up with Junior Landcare Australia to ask – what’s in your backyard? Kids are invited to explore their backyard, take photos and share what’s in their backyard and why it’s important to them.

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