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Creating foam products with the environment in mind isn’t always an easy task. However, Joyce Foam is tackling the issue by using Variable Pressure Foam (VPF) technology at their production facility. This drastically reduces air emissions and solidifies Joyce Foam’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

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Joyce Foam Products manufactures the largest range of polyurethane foam products in Australia. Joyce Foam Products produces over 70 grades of foam for use in a diverse range of products from consumer groups to industrial applications. All Joyce foams are covered under warranty and these vary according to the brands and the typical uses and applications. Joyce Foam Products obtained a licence to produce urethane foam in 1954, with the first foam machine being commissioned in 1955. Joyce Foam Products is committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing and have made significant progress in the elimination of hazardous air emissions and VOCs, through the introduction of Variable Pressure Foam Technology.

Certified Products by Joyce Foam Products

Product Images Name Green Star
relevance Green Star is Australia's trusted mark of quality for the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings, fitouts and communities. Choosing Green Star can help you save money, create a healthy place for people, minimise your environmental footprint and build a better future for us all.
Active Comfort N20-100
Active Comfort N21-140
Active Comfort N23-130
Active Comfort N24-115
Active Comfort N27-160
Active Comfort N31-190
Active Comfort N31-320
Combustion Modified Foam H35-130CM2
Combustion Modified Foam N23-115CM2
Combustion Modified Foam N28-180CM
Combustion Modified Foam N32-180CM2
Dricell N27/120R
Dricell N31/200R
Econofoam E10-100
Econofoam E16-100
Econofoam E17-65
Econofoam E19-130
Econofoam E23-120
Flame Laminating Foam N27-140FL
Flame Laminating Foam N28-130FL
Flame Laminating Foam N32-170CMFL
Flame Laminating Foam N38-220FL
Gelform 60-75G
Gelform LR40-50G
Gelform LR40-50LG
Gelform LR52-50G
Gelform VR45-25G
Gelform VR45-25LG
Gelform VR52-50G
Gelform VR52-50LG
Gelform VR55-40G
Gelform VR55-40LG
Gelform VR60-75G
Gelform VR60-75LG
Hygroflex Indulge
Indulgence Comfort LR40-50
Living Comfort L16-110
Living Comfort L19-130
Living Comfort L24-160
Living Comfort L27-210
Living Comfort L28-280
Meracell Reticulated Polyester Foam S28/25R
Meracell Reticulated Polyester Foam S28/60R
Meracell Reticulated Polyester Foam S28/80R
Meracell Reticulated Polyether Foam N27/25R
Meracell Reticulated Polyether Foam N27/30R
Meracell Reticulated Polyether Foam N27/60R
Meracell Reticulated Polyether Foam N31/35R
Polyester Urethane Foam – Combustion Modified S28/70CM
Polyester Urethane Foam – Conventional S21/70
Polyester Urethane Foam – Conventional S26/90
Polyester Urethane Foam – Conventional S30/25
Polyester Urethane Foam – Conventional S30/60
Polyester Urethane Foam – Conventional S30/80
Premium Comfort H25-45
Premium Comfort H25-60
Premium Comfort H28-120
Premium Comfort H28-80
Premium Comfort H28-95
Premium Comfort H35-100
Premium Comfort H35-130
Premium Comfort H35-200
Premium Comfort H42-500
Premium Comfort H55-850
Premium Comfort N30-130
Quiltec L10-25
Speciality Foams U29-400
Ultimate Comfort HR36-110CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR36-130CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR36-160CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR36-80CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR38-200CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR40-160CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR40-80CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR50-120CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR50-320CM5
Ultimate Comfort HR65-200CM5
Viscoform Comfort VR45-25
Viscoform Comfort VR50-80
Viscoform Comfort VR52-50
Viscoform Comfort VR55-40
Viscoform Comfort VR60-50
Viscoform Comfort VR60-60
Viscoform Comfort VR60-75
Viscoform Comfort VR85-70

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What our clients say about us

Clients say it’s GECA or nothing. If you don’t have GECA certification it’s a negative. GECA certification is a priority for Haworth.

John Stamoulos

GECA is seen by major clients across Australia and internationally to be a credible organisation that provides certification to forward thinking companies that seek to maintain and further environmental standards. Envirofluid is glad to be associated with the GECA label”.

Lydia Ohlmeyer, Marketing and Operations Manager

Being an environmentally aware business, we needed a way to ensure, adhere and implement sustainably preferable strategies into our business plan. The team at GECA is co-operative and their guidance ensured that we not only complied with green standards, but exceeded them. The process is credible and well-received in the market place and ensures that we are set apart from the not-so-genuine ‘greenwashing’ companies.

Donna McMullen, Director 

Having GECA certification gives added credibility to our already strong Europlank brand. The GECA ecolabel confirms that Havwoods Europlank has been rigorously assessed for its impact over its life cycle and it is safer for our clients, their families and colleagues. When you choose Havwoods GECA certified Europlank you can have confidence in the environmental and health claims of this product range.

David Hickson, General Manager

GBCA Green Star projects are a fantastic way of promoting environmentally aware developments that benefit all parties involved. Jardan is committed to the advertisement of eco-labelling as a means of encouraging sustainable practice,

Andy Collins, Design Assistant

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